Sunday, May 15, 2011

take care

I hope, you and me will have a nice chat before we both leave.. But, hope is just another hope.
You just busy with your stuff and preparing for your journey, as I predicted.

Have a safe journey to China. And take care. :"(


I wish to know more about  you, but... I know there will always be a limit.
I can't ask you 24/7. And I've stopped.
And I do, I did and I done.

You can just do what you want. And I will just won't ask who what where and when.
Leaving you some space and freedom is my job now.

Nothing was on my mind. 
I'm at my hometown now. 
Will be holiday for 2 weeks. 
First week will be going to Taiwan. 
I hope this time journey will make me a happier and wiser person. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

read, seen.


Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm not a good chatter. I maybe don't understand what's in your mind. I maybe too care of what you think until I need to think twice for what I wrote. Every time chat with you, I will think how to chat longer with you. But I guess what I done is useless :). All this times. So, I'm not a good Facebook or Msn chatter. Compare to your friends, I think I'm the one who you will not chat until so long.

But I know someone out there will appreciate, would like to chat with me. I believe until today, he's the one who understand what I mean even I wrote one stupid sentence and the one who compatible to chat with me. Sometimes chat with him gives me a satisfy feeling. Because there's still someone out there can makes me need not to make any effort to spice up our conversation. ;) I feel free and relax to chat with you.


think out of the box?

Last night, me and Yie Nan went to Secret Recipe for our dinner. 
Maybe because it's Mother's Day, there was totally loaded! Luckily there was seat for us. 

I saw a family. 
An old couple with their 2 daughters, one son with his wife and a baby daughter. 
Yeah, it's clear that they are celebrating that special day. 
I just sat opposite of them. 
There was nothing wrong with them, it's just my eyes suddenly focused on that old man; their father.

Their table is rectangular, both daughters sat with their sister in-law, one row. 
The son sat with their parents, one row. 
Their old mother sat in between son and husband. 
Well, what capture my eyes? 
At first, one of the daughter kept taking photos with the baby, and the food they ordered. 
Some of the members chatting with each other. 
I suddenly realize that old man seemed like not comfortable in that situation.

The family member just did not focus on him. 
Not even a words spoken to him! 
Even his daughter who just sat opposite of him. 
There was a lot of things came across my mind. What makes them to treat him like that? 

What I saw, that old man was trying to hold the baby(comfort her) from his son, but his son did not even see his father and walked out. 
So pathetic. 

From the moment I sat down, until I ordered my foods, until I finished my dinner, each of the second my eyes is focusing on him. 
He never ever talked one sentence or words out from his mouth! 
Even his wife never talked to him.

I just feel sad. What can I do? I treasure my family. I don't hope this will ever happen in my life. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

time flies

We only have 24 hours in a day. 
Another 7-8 hours is for sleeping. 
Left here only 16 hours. 
How will you use your 16 hours per day in life? 
Eat? Play or study?

No matter how much I divided my time, I will never have had enough use of it.
Today I already spent my 12 hours for sleeping. 
Another 12 hours, I will use it wisely. 
But I guess, I will miscalculate it. 
I maybe used it on Facebook, eating, loitering, fooling with him, and other nonsense thing. 
Another 2-3 hours maybe spent on my precious revision. 
Imagine I used 9 hours on other people and 3 hours on myself? 

People, use your time wisely, 24 hours is really a precious time ever in a day! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

I wish I was beautiful


According to, ugly is defined as...

1.very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance.
2.disagreeable; unpleasant; objectionable: ugly tricks; ugly discords.
3.morally revolting: ugly crime.

Don't look at me if you're looking for beauty.
If a guy tells you they don't care your appearance, 
for they just like you. Is all about you, not your beauty, 9 out of 10 will be telling lies. 
What kind of guys don't like a pretty girl? 
I just don't believe there's such a guy out there.

Starting from your hair to toe, he will looks for the perfection. 
A girl need to know what his boyfriend likes about her, so that she can maintain that to tackle his heart. 
But it's a fail for a girl if she does not know what he likes about her. 
I'm the one.

What he likes about me? I don't know. 
I was trying to make my own assumptions, but I get nothing in the end of the days. 
Why I was saying like this?

He said; You're ugly; maid; small kid; witch; etc...
He doesn't praise me anymore.
He doesn't admire me like the time he chase me anymore.
He changed.

I really hope I'm beautiful like the girls outside, 
like the girls he always praise them in front of me when he saw them... 
but I'm not. I'm just me, myself. 

I think he likes them better than me.
Isn't he?

Then, who am I in his heart? 
The one who helps him to do assignment?
The one who helps him to clean his room?
The one who can fulfills his heart whenever he feels lonely?
The one who can accompany him whenever he feels alone?
Or the one who can be with him every night?

Imperfection happen when the other part starts to tear down the confidence of the other part.
When a guys starts to giving up as he doesn't like your appearence anymore,
that's is a jerk.

For a girl, she will starts losing hope.
What she did all this time, all gone like a wind.
Just imagine, your own beloved tell you that you're ugly,
How do you feel? 
If your mother tells you, "kid, you are ugly!".
It's just a same matter.

I'm not perfect. Who did?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gambate :D

Tomorrow having the second exam. Then the day after tomorrow will be having the third exam. Oh my. This totally freak me out, because both of them really in the important subject which I can't fail and I hope to do well. QT two and FAF one. I just hope I can do my QT two well because I don't wish to repeat it. I don't wish to see maths again. Huhu. This time I already spent my time revise on it just to hope I can pass it. :) same goes to FAF one. I already done my revision last week. God bless us!

My hubby, I miss you so much. Maybe I already get used to the presence of you. I feel uneasy without you by my side. I miss the moment I argue with you, I miss the moment you mess around with me, I miss the moment you ask me to hug you. :D but I know, after tomorrow we will meet again. Hooray~

It's my bad habit to be with you :( because my life already included you. We both are one. No others. :)
371 days already gone. Love you so much, I hope for the rest of my life there will be you and same goes to you, I guess? :) Hopefully. If you see this, let me know how you think? Because I don't like the feeling of SS-ing alone here. Sobs.

Okeyla, need to continue revise the last chapter. Jiayou for tomorrow 9 am guys. :))