Thursday, January 26, 2012








Monday, January 9, 2012


I'll be dead to bore for the coming weeks. Omg, already stayed for 2 weeks but did nothing, keep on cleaning the house, but actually only cleaned the kitchen. LOL. Okey, the truth is, house is still like a mess. A volume mess ever. Since no one wants to work with me and run for shopping every weeks, so this house become a rubbish. But I think for the one week before CNY, we're gonna rush for the cleaning marathon. I wonder how true is the reality... But nen'mind, let bygones be bygones. HAHA.

Can't wait for the opening Sem! Should be a very busy Sem ever. I think! Since so many things to catch-up especially those MUET, Coco, and what-so-ever class I need to attend to make my Uni life seems right! -.-

But another reason for the upcoming Sem is of course can relax and won't be busy in kitchen anymore! Hehe, sounds bad, right? But not anyone can understand my situation, staying in kitchen isn't fun! It did for those newbies who thought that it's fun to cook, to bake and blablabla... But can you stay for a longer period? Tell me NO! I'm gonna salute my mom for doing her job as a part-time housewife who cooks for us in this 29 Years. Seems like cooking everyday - is EVERYDAY (well except Friday), and guess what... Mom won't choose to go out eat except it's so desperate - sick etc. For every year CNY, she gonna cooks for the dinner. But not for this year. But but but... She gonna makes shark fin soup! Hooray~

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Forgot how his voice sounds like... It's been ages since we ever talk :/
If I miss him, then how? If I requested him to call me, then how? If I want him to chat with me, then how? If I want him to webcam with me, then how? All theses seems impossible. Everyday will have excuses.

Since he so busy, then I'll leave some times for him....
Let him keep on busy and forget me...
Tired of everything...

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sometimes, online because want to wait that person to online too.
Waited so long just to have a nice chat with that person...
But, it turns out nothing in the end... What a disappointing...
Then, rather not to online... Better leave some times with parents.

Sometimes, saying goodbye or goodnight before you do.
Just to wait you say, "let's chat for awhile" or "i'm laying but i want to chat"...
Tired is not a reason...
I hated the way you can just sleep so fast without replying me...
And doesn't coax back in the early morning!
That's not gentleman!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

我 。爱


LOVE you, YieNan

Sunday, January 1, 2012


nevermind, tomorrow will be a better day.
it's okey, tomorrow you will like me.

& i'm still waiting for my prince charming.

1/1/2012 :)

Happy New Year, 2012.

It's new year again. And again, planting fewss new year resolution. Such as, hope wont get old so fast, of cos by maintain the 18 years old me(haha) :( ugh. How? Okey, my first new year resolution is get rids of pimples, black and whiteheads and also fats and some others stupid weakness on my face. That's all. Change the old me into the new me in 2012. I hope I wont disappointing someone :)

Will be staying one month here and wont be going back to Uni life again. Hope I will enjoying the life of one month sem break, and the pleasure of cleaning house prior CNY. As usual, I basically hate it. Oh, today sprained my thumb, and now I can't even press the toothpaste using right thumb to brush my teeth. Hope 2012, everyone's health will be getting better. Hope as every year.

Woohhh, THAT ALL. Happy New 2012 laaaaaaa !