Thursday, June 9, 2011

I need a rest!

So stressful. But I can't find any method to release my tension. Perhaps I need some clubbing, alcohol or one day trip to anywhere I want. Sounds fun, but hard to do it. The coming weeks is not the 'enjoying' week. It's a 'sacrifices' week ever! This Sem is really bringing me to hell!

Tonight I feel so blue, all because the loads of works from the subjects taken! Gross! So, I barely talk so much. I feel so lazy to talk about it with someone. Because I can't find anyone that I really can share. I mean I need someone who can gives me advises what to do instead of listen and just let the wind blow away it. I'm not that kind! Since I can't find anyone to talk with, I think I will use the easiest way to release the loads; drinks! I'm not an alcoholic person, but drinking is just my other way to release stress, and I don't feel it's a crime. A normal human being need to release the heavy burden on shoulder, but different people, different way! Someone need to respect my decision, I guess so. However, talks so much still rubbish. Because I've promise not to drink anymore. Unless oneday I really gone mad and crazy!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pray for the new Sem.

I'm just entering into this so-called not a honeymoon year anymore. Year two Semester one. 
I begin to feel unsure about my decision on choosing those subjects. Somehow, I still feel bit more pressure.
I took Business Finance, Business Ethics, Performance Management, Audit, and also Company Law.
Those subjects really killing me so fast, I guess so.
I should not look down on them and need to work hard in this Semester. Gosh.
I've known what road will I be going to walk in this Sem, should be a hard and rocky type...
I just hope with all the hard work I'm going to give out, will equally get back the result I want !

Cheers for tomorrow. :)