Wednesday, December 31, 2008

let's COUNT for 2009!

well,today and tonight is the last day of 2008!
Its just bout 2hours b4 the 1st day of 2009!Damn excited!
I am gettin' busy and lazy to write bout the HK thing.Haha.busy of practising driving lately.and the good news!I got my license!Its P!!damn happy!!^^
Lazy cause,typing!haha!I rather watch video.Or,search some horror show!Except i'm in the mood!Huhu.I'm watching Guaitan recently,from the youtube!And it's quite scarry!!Caution!Do nt watch the show alone!
Btw,i'll try to put some/little news bout the HK things at the end of each of my post!

Hurm.My Resolutions for 2009?
1.I'll be working hard to find a space for me in any universities or collages!Of cause i'll be choosing UTP for business.dats the first choice.2nd choice,mayb fav!if i cant get UTP,i'll be choosing collage for medical.Gosh!wtf!
2.2nd,earn money by working!I need money,as the life is so hard without money!HAhaha!Is not logis if i keep asking money or taking money from my parents rite?So i'll try to work!TRY?coz,lazy and hard to wakeup in the morning,.hehe.
3rd.Update myself!Phisycally and mentally!Like,use my brain b4 doing anything,and so!

4rd.Of coz is them and him!The motif of taking P is to drive.So that i can gahter with them!!Cant wait!I mean drive the meet them,i'm so excited!

till now..datz all!

OK,now we are entering this section!

"The Journey To HK"
Still,the first day after arriving HK.That night we're going to 4diff places.Avenue of Star,Star Ferry,Lan Kwai Fong and Victoria Peak.
So,the bottom pic showing Victoria Peak.Nice?

the pic was nt so clear!sorry!
well,what i found smtng intersting is,the toilet!haha!you can say,i'm over excited..
or lame,i don-care!!haha!
i need to keyboard-off.COUNTDOWN!!
Hohoh!!Happy New Year!!
luv you all xoxox!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Episode 2

The first episode was 'bout reaching hongkong.

Urm,the HK airport was not so efficient as the KLIA.but,still ok.haha.
So,when we reached HKairport,there was one HK will lead us throughout all the journey in HK.

Then,he told us that our schedule will be changed due to the heavy activities on our schedule.Coz,the first day was an empty space(actually for rest after reached HK),so the forth day's activities will be moved to the first day.Mean,visiting the Avenue of Star,Star Ferry,Lan Kwai Fong and Victoria Peak were on the first day!

So,he brought us to one of the restaurant for lunch.near the Tycoon Club(smtg like club/disco).Forgot what name..never realised!!It was under the building,i tink most of them were located under the building,coz seeing peoples walking down..and we did!!With 10 peoples on one big and round table,i never expected to have a full-filling lunch!hehe..
There were 3 tables.And i'm in table 1.sO,it was fixed!whenever lunch,breakfast or dinner,still with the same peoples,which was quite bored!!Woops!

Then,we were brought to the Lui Yan Kai/Nu Ren Jie(women's street).Everything sold there,women and ladies know..hahaha!Peoples?owh,a lot!and the sellers were very-very rude!and the things were very expensive!so,buy nothing,except mom:a legging.hahaha!anything.huhhu!
After an hour,we were brought to our restroom!owh,it was the..Dorsett Seaview Hotel.Urm,Peter told us that don't expect the hotel to be very-very nice.Well,I've prepared myself already from my hometown.Coz,one of the people here told me that the first day hotel was very small.And yah!When you opened the door,the toilet was next to it.and when you walked a few steps,there was bed!ahah!You can't even turn around!I mean if there was 4-5 peoples inside!However,we just stayed there for a night!Luckily!

NIGHT:visiting places will be continue..

Monday, December 15, 2008


8.30pm-In the bus.Ontheway to KLIA.It was raining.Quite cold in the bus.So,we reached KLIA bout 430am.

We brushed our teeth there.Aha.Feel like i'm in amazing race.Duh!

Then,we checked in bout630am.While waitin' for the recalled,i snapped a few pics of the port.Coz hav nothing to do.Here are one of the pic.Not so good.But,watever.haahha!

There were about 29persons joined the trip,included the tour leader:Mr.Sean Tye Jyh Siang(Ah Siang).But mostly were known each other.So,feeling quite ok.
We checked in,and there was somthing like spotcheck.haha!wat we call?fgt dy.
So,we were in the airplane around 8.10 am.And,okla.not so bad in the plane.The prags lookin quite beauty.Ok.ntg special bout them.I realised they looked more like waitress.hahah!

Then,we were given breakfast.and there was tayangan movie,"secret" by jay chaw.Then ntg to do,again!I snapped some picz.Here it goes..

Then,too wu-liao..luckily,they provided the earphone,er..ear piece?er.dnno wad we called.Then,dreaming!Woke up around 11am.Then,another haf hour we were about to reach HongKong.Very excited and scared at the same time.Hhaa..
to be continue..