Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Begging myself.

I'm going to smile like there's no more tomorrow,
I'm going to laugh like there's no more else problem surrounds me,
And I'm going to tell you that this heart just lied..

Haix, Lai Tian Li.. What happen to you already? Please return to your old-self.
You don't deserve such pathetic and emo style.. Please, I beg you to return..

Monday, August 29, 2011

Heavenly haven II

I need to be in the crowded place so that I won't feel lonely alone and simply reload my mind with those stupid things anymore. I feel so dangerous to be alone now.. Haha.. Because I don't know what I'm gonna do.. Someday, I hope someone can bring me to a heavenly haven that no one will recognize me and so do they. Shisshhh, I totally forgot I actually belongs to my little world.. But now I hate to be alone.. I either need something else to accompany me if I did. Such things like TV, online radio, and sort of entertainment. I start to dislike Facebook for some reasons. Should I go and delete my own page? And re-create a new one? Dilemma, but still, I'm really stubborn because I can't run away and drag myself from this stupid page already. Except you ask me go vacation, I guess I will dump it for 3 months is not a problem :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heavenly haven.

Did I make it?

I feel that my private life has been intruded by someone. Last time I have a habit to write all my private things inside my blog, now? I'll make it less emotional lahh.. It's not necessary to pour all here. Because all those haven't been proof out, so what's the matter I'm writing out here..

Currently been studying for my final. And I also searching for songs that could inspire me. Hey, I've found one! "My love my fate" by Janice/ Leo Ku, but I think Leo Ku did the best tho original was by Janice.

Staying home is heavenly spot. Good foods, comfortable bed, nice air-cond. I'm feeling bless and blast and appreciate! Tho it's thousand miles from him, but I think it's not a matter. We sometimes need to give each other a space. Sometimes, 24/7 together is not necessary a good thing at all. I bet he's enjoying his one week holiday at home before going to war too!

Anyways, happy studying and Buddha bless lahh :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Here and there.

Just done my dinner with a small size of Mcd porridge, french fries, 3 pieces of nuggets, one sundae chocolate topping and a coke. I'm like a pregnant lady, full and bursting. Hehe. Yesterday just back from KL, where I had my lunch with friends at Jogoya. Then, today whole body feel ache! My arms and my legs, both feel like they were just finished a long marathon. I said, went to KL shopping is like going to gym and burn off my calories! Haha. I just love shopping nowadays. I bought a bag- white color, a jean pants- light blue and a couple t-shirt from Body Glove. wow. And I did choose one black jacket to dear him. What a tiring day. I never shop like that since a long time. Then we went to watch a movie- The rise of the planet of the apes. Nice movie tho.

Final is around the corner, and I'm somehow feel like a lazy bumps. I need to find back my mode to study. Midterms were sucks enough to kill me if I still hanging here and wasting my time on useless thing. I will find time to touch everything else before final start on 12.