Friday, April 22, 2011

Blogging time again.

Hope everyday is like today, Because my mood totally high and happy.
Just don't know why, but I guess it's because my coursework marks?
Others subject still Okey, because I predict that the probability for me to pass them is positive. =)
But my QT totally suxx. I hope I can score for my final as now my midterm marks only 17/40. *gosh*
Because now I'm studying and courting my QT sincerely. I've a feeling I can pass it smoothly *confident*
Baby QT, please enter into my brain... let me remember you for this Semester...
Then you will be free later.. I promise to let you go after this Sem :) Tehee~ :D

It's raining now. My favourite weather ever! Because it's better than a hot weather. Somehow I feel romantically when in raining day :) make my mood better! Huhu. But, I don't hope it's a storm rain. Because it's scary and no one is beside me :( but I guess I'm strong enough. *wink* just don't hope it will blackout, otherwise...

My wound is getting better, Thanks to YieNan. All this time he's by my side, accompany me through my pain and sweat. Haha. I will remember the moment when the nurse washed my wound, and how the way I squeezed your hand like I squeezed a sponge. Hahaa. And the most thing I'm sure we both will remember is I still can joked even the nurse wash my wound with antibiotic (it's like pouring salt on your own ulser). I guess we both will remember the way I said, " Pizza!!" "Chicken rice!!", "Hmm, Sushi!!" xD~~

I'm totally crazy, and guess what again? The nurse join us laughing too, but I know somehow when she thinks back, she might saying I'm bakchi? Bakchilization on me. Zz. Hehe. But instead of a bad memory, I guess I have had made it a deletable memory. :)

Will be upload the images of mine from it get burn-Day 1 until the day it got virus infection(gross) and until the day it getting better. 

Till now, bye. I need to continue study my QT. GAMBATEH!