Monday, May 28, 2012

Nevermind. I will be OK

Colors will fade due to time and changes. So does beauty. But who can guarantee that loves will never fade?

Does true love ever fade away in reality? No, as long as both party work hard on it. If one person is always mean and hateful to the other, love can be stomped to death. But if you respect each other, try to get along and make the give and take in a relationship as equal as possible, your love will never fade. Instead, it will grow stronger. Talk is easy and this is totally bullshit.

First year, third year, fifth year.. who can confirm that our behavior and attitude will be the same as the first day we met our true love? Can we still maintain our promises that we will respect each other? Can we still remain our sweet relationship? Ask yourself now..

I just realize that, no matter how strong a relationship is... someday, somehow it gonna fade away... love in our heart seem like never grew stronger... obstacles shows that i'm getting tired of working it alone. Whenever i feel gave up, i keep on remind myself the reason that i've hold on so long on this relationship... but, it actually makes me tired.. that i actually working hard alone on it... and keep pushing myself that everything will be ok.