Friday, February 25, 2011



黃小琥 - 重來 (孤獨版)MV

作詞:蔡健雅 作曲:蔡健雅

你愛他多過他愛你的人 你還記得嗎
他有種真命天子般的人 你還記得嗎

相愛以後 終於分手
分手以後 又想重來

如果能重來 誠實的去對待
彼此都沒疑猜 就沒有理由分開
如果能重來 回憶當作塵埃
心不曾被傷害 就能無瑕疵的愛
但是重來 卻不能保證愛的成功或失敗

讓你日夜忘不了的人 你還記得嗎
不同種類不同面孔的人 你記得哪個他

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sad. Disappointed. Angry. Hurt. Heartache. Everything comes at the same time. What should I do? I'm awake. I try not to talk, I try to be silence. I hope my heart can cope with it. I keep telling myself, I'm tolerate. I give freedom to him. I should not interrupt his things anymore.

Can he tell me why, she's the only name he can think when writing on the wall? No others? Why her? This resulting I'm punishing myself for each of her name he wrote. The more pain on my skin, the more hurt my heart, so I won't feel the pain that he gave me...

I can't write anymore. Nyte reader.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

another blur night

Tonight, very moody.Just hope next year CNY won't be like this busy. Tired.
I hope I'm a guy because I need enough energy to carry things, and I also hope I'm a girl, help mum in cooking and cleaning. Haish. I start to talk nonsense things. Aiks. Moody~

What is he thinking? Can he tell me? Can he tell me his secret?

Mum, my HERO.

Chinese New Year means Busy. These and that.OMG.
I hate cleaning the house. I hate cooking. I hate everything that require me to spend my energy and time non-stop. Just like today dinner. Cook from 5 something to 8 pm! And yet, haven't took my bath. Today is nor CNY neither CNY eve. But mum just had cooked, PRAWNS-big one, and a SHARK FIN soup? omg. I keep wash and wash. Tired. I wonder what happen during CNY eve. Luckily CNY is plan to celebrate in Malacca. Smile.

The second thing that I realize is how mum worked throughout her life. I mean, she can work all by herself non-stop for whole day. Day in shop- help dad, evening in house as a housewife. She is really my hero. I love her. Seeing her climb up and down-cleaning, and no rest at all, make me heartache. I need to help her. Her age is half of the century. I need to do something for another of her half life. Even how tired I'm- I not dare to complain much... she did more than me.

I just wanna say, I love you Mum.

p/s: happy chinese new year folks~~