Saturday, May 30, 2009

bran[d] ne[w] da[y]

kindda,miss the old days,where i have a space to count on.but now?
my new
life nw will be in the campus&hostel.
all by myself is the new quote or word in my dictionary.LOl

Now i am studying in kampar perak.the UTAR.and currently living at the westlake under Danish House sdn kinda like a hostel.

Utar?oh,is a big U.with amazing first peoples might tot dat Utar in kampar is situated in a rural place with no modenation or sort of,include me!
but,after seeing for the first was like a BOOM!I never notice dat,it was so awesome,its so big till we nid to walk bout 10-15 minutes to the canteen or cafeteria(block c) from the heritage hall(block a).

oh,i still cant find out where is my* monday need to attend the very first nervous..gosh!i tink today i will cycle to the U to find out where is it!hehehe.

sigh.westlake is just situated bout 1.5km from the Utar.So,i think i will either cycle or take the Utat bus there.ok,lets talk bout the transport things!cycle is a good activity,but for a freshie or pre-cyclelist like me,its just too tiring and..i hope it wont be a nightmare for me cause now im having aching all over my short Utar bus?um,we actually need a thing or paper called kupon/ticket to take the bus.its just cost bout..70c?for each trip.if you take go and back,its..1.4r.correct?sigh.till now i still cant understand the schedule.i dnno wat time will the bus coming to the westlake and the time where it will come to fetch us in the Utar.hack!

okey.i've cycle all the westlake.not too proud..hiahiahaa!
westlake.inside it had..tsing hua,oxford,manchester and yale.tsing hua and oxford is the most happening place,where you can find a lot of students hanging around even after 8 pm.So do we(yw,felicia & me)lol.hanging around means cycling and..watever it is la..

foods?well,is kinda hard too.if im in the u,ill go to the canteen.if im at my house..i might calld a delivery or cycle witf m fren to the nearest stalls,tired la everyday thinking bout the food.huh,so..the maggi cup will be my next target.hahaha!

ntg is important than,we need money.foods,bill,um..and emergency oso.
maybe some of my fren is living in the u with hostel and food provided everyday with no charge.i said maybe.

here,i learn to be indenpendent.ok.end of this blog,i will say that...
im feeling really excited for the next monday.huahuahua!

till now,chao.and..gudluck wish to myself lo,*wink*.

p/s:no pic provided coz no camare..dun have the intend to bring too,later go borrow people

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Finally,things will be going to the end,n you will need to make the decision,no matter what fer a acceptable reasons..

Everyone is goin on their diffrent path of ways..include me!No matter what kind of road,what is the "taste" of the road,all the challanges that are coming need to accept it.Goes with the flow..not to against it.That's the rule.

I started to miss all my frens,the road to my school,the gate..the huge tree outside the gate,where i used to be waiting there fer my parents to pick me up,where i used to date with my boi.i missed the coridor which is beside the gim,.where,i used to joke with my fren while walking back to the class.i missed the basketball court,where we're used to play basketball together tho i'm not a pro..i missed the od,where all the shows were presented there,its the most comfortable place ever in the skooll..i missed the skoll library,the teachers room,the canteen,the gimnasium,the porch,the..well everything!!

I'm going to further my study,i hope my decision is correct in choosing the right course..and i guess i will be missing here..this place,sigh*..

Theres a huge burden inside me..maybe i should let go my burden.Yesh,my spm result.That the vital crisis memory i ever went thru..I will keep that in my mind,as a moral thingy,which remind me not to go back to the road!I can do it..

Guys,good luck..have a nice journey..chao~ till now..:)