Sunday, October 21, 2012


Life change from this second onwards. And I'm going live with it & accept it. As what people always says, "when God close the door, He left open the window"

I admit I did wrong. And this is the punishment that I had received. I'm going with it. No doubt I feel angry and helpless with myself. But, consequences from my mistake, I'm fully take charge with it.

Let the past stay in the past. I'm going to create another new road for my future. The road shall be hard to pass through, obviously. And I believe obstacles will be coming right after this. But, deep within my heart, there is a little faith that uphold me. A little faith that support myself, support my weak knees, that hold me up whenever I feel like giving up.

What I regretted most is the disappointment I caused towards my family. Too much, and too hurt. I'm so sorry for the mistake I made. I did not make it for now, just that I need to take more longer time to realize your dreams. I'm sorry.

Next, is my friends. Sorry for the troublesome that I caused. Sorry mean nothing. But, this is the only word that came across my mind. I admit this is my mistake. But I'm not going to throw away my responsibility. I will make it as what I promised until the project done, even I could not help much.

Lastly, myself. I'm sorry to myself. For the stupidest mistake ever! For the rest of my life, I will remember it. And won't repeat the same mistake again. This time, it's really an expensive experience ever.