Monday, April 20, 2009

i'm dying inside

so tired of everything..
feeling so useless and helpless.
i got no frens to talk to..
even,i can tell them bout my prob,i choose to leave it alone in my heart,
cause,its the safest place ever..
hiding in a dark and deep place..

tey are so much more better.mayb i'm the one hu is just too bad quality compare to them?
slowly.i was forgotten by them,day by day..year by year..
just varnish..
its hard to find a true fren..
my true fren is the one hu i can/feel wana talk to her/him bout my personal probs without tey asking me..let me make my move first..
let me open my heart first..

now,i was feeling so down..damnly so blue..
help me to go through tis..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

monday blue?ehe!

To success,there are so many roads you can choose,just one way ticket to the road of success.
Either by long,short,tough,smooth or..etc.
All will bring you to the success if you are fully with determination!
One thing different is,there are so many type of roads.

Y ppl feeling unsecure about future?Feeling so sick bout them?Missed the past so much?
Cause,you had gone through them.Again,you feeling unsecure bout future cause you never know and will not know wat the road you will be going...

Why did i say cause you had gone through them?
Bcoz,in the had walked on the happiness road,hurt road,shameful road..etc,but its all the past..when ya thinking bout it again,you will feel so blissful,coz you still alive,thinking bout those sweet and sad memories..right here,right now..
You like those memories..which gav you a strength to live your life..

Felling unsecure.Cause,you haven't step into the future,you dont know wat yr life will be,thatz the problem!Even myself...
But,lets collect those yesterday memories..and make it an experience or strength to step on the next roads..

Nothing will be imposibble!