Tuesday, July 21, 2009

one button,two needles.

Just like one man,two women.

Kindda confusing and things just went wrong and wrong.Everything seems to be not in the same line anymore.Gosh.

History repeated again,but things just not happend on me.Is another unlucky girl.

I am just wondering,whether..all man are the same or is there any odd one?Her real-live-taking story is just basicily worst than mine. At least,mine was not the No.1.

Everything happend nearly on the same time&same year.One button,two needles.This is just as suck as the toilet's bowl!== Can't imagine everything hapend for one reason : Playboy

Hell yeah,he is the Jerk,he COUPLE i said,COUPLE with two girls at the same time,really makes me wanna feed him my middle fingers on both hand.LOL.damn him!grrr.




as the first rank is JERKs..sigh.I really admit that i will hate JERKs for the rest of my life,No matter what reasons..He's still a JERK!grr.

As she told me her story plus crying..i was like..geezz,there's such man! And what i did was.,cried together,cause she reminded me of my old self. I've been cheated too. So, i told her, just cried.LOL,funny was, we laughed together .. haha!

To my dear friend,

Well,everyhting happend for a reason,u will make it through the toughest time.You can.And that jerk,GB HIM.==.

He's not worth a half cent,It's up to you to decide everything..

I just dunno what else can i do for you,but im mentally support you!

gambateh x)

tagline: smile for a better tomorrow,cheersss!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

last word: I HATE SOMEONE

Sigh,so down..

Maybe it's Saturday night again.Assignments and examinations really screwd me up,i'm like a..corpse.but the diff is,im alive..==

My head&brain so messy right now,wana shout out loud for no reason,sob!
Next monday=maths test.and God bless!^^

What the hack luhs,im so downnnnnnn.The problem is,i can't found any reason for my sadness.Just,maybe kene pissd-off by someone i really care.ZAR dao.

Eargh..listening to this song:Ni Hen Ai Ta by F.I.R really make me wana run to the lake and swim across it!huhu.

Fine.Study time..

p/s:i hate someone~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This Is So Tiring..

Well,week 7-8 or so on will be having mid-term test.Or maybe quizeees?LOL.
Haven't prepare yet,but will start doing right now..(rightnow can be tomorrow)kehkeh..

Sat&Sun are the days that i feel much empty and alone most of the time,kindda miss my frens.Well,actually i can day dreaming alone in my room,without anyone interupting..cool.kehkeh!

I feel happier with them(ta10),at least i can laugh till my face cramp,till my head drop.hahha.
TA10,i love you.really,trust me *wink*.

Him?okeh luhs,nothing much to describe..I still don't know what he means by the tagline on his msn..i noe what he wrote,but i donno who is he talking bout.But,i thought maybe me?Or im too sensitive?You cant blame on me,sometimes,my feeling is correct,and this prove a lot of times..

Nothing much to write..next week is my public speaking presantation..wala~
wish me luck.and till now..chao~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blue Wednesday(dot)

I just don't wana be another foolish.
Another foolish!
I'm just a .. a.. normal human being,a gurl.A gurl who has her own feeling inside and she is she.
I just don't wana be another gurl,the same gurl in his life..
This is so hurt..

Don't say you love me.Don't say you like me,if i'm just a "shelter"..cause,you don't even have the feeling towards me.....>.<