Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 2010! Chinese New Year

 Finally, I’m already updated my blog huh? This year, Chinese New Year seems to be a bored, grey and quiet festival to me. Maybe I’m not going back to my hometown for gathering due to some reasons. It’s just a small physical reasons. However, they came here!!^^ Sit at home, angpau also guai-guai come... so happy! Friends are calling for yum-cha and reunion. I want it so much, but it's not on a good timing my dear because going out with relatives, how about tonight? o.O

Relatives come and go. Last night I went to watch <72 家租客> with my beloved family. Fun for sure and damn funny… all viewers will be recommended to watch this movie! ^^ wow, too many HK actor and actress made this movie damn boom! and bang! Don’t know what words I’m using, Lols.

The trailer, go watch!

Ohya my gosh, forgot to write it here, I went to Bukit Tinggi with my family on the first day of CNY. Nothing much to play there and it's quite suitable for older people to have some rest there, because it's a, um.. calm & quiet & comfortable destination.Why on earth I would choose B.T? Because never went there before.. T.T

WARNING: youngsters are recommended not to go due to its none and unavailabe of extreme and interesting places or things.

Here are some pictures for your eyes:

The entrance? I think so.(fugly)

                            cam-whore-ing myself: as usual

                             found one slk 200! [apa lagi!]
                                           taking twice!^^

                     can u see me?!(on a building; three storey-tall only.)

                               (ducky, so white and pure~)

In theJapanese Village(don't know what Garden ..)

Seemed like in the forest!

~Mom and Dad~

Found this fruit. So purple..

Basically, nothing much to do, and i'm just taking photo for fun. Till now, bye and take care people!


Best regards: Tyanlee