Saturday, January 9, 2010

dear GOD..

Sometimes, a person’s action will not satisfy others. Whatever the person did, she will always not in the right line for others. What can I say? I’ve already done my best to satisfy you.

Do you know that each of your action really made me depressed? I’ve never felt this way before and I don’t wish to go through this. I hate the feeling being followed, watched, stared and others irritating job that you had done to me. Maybe this few days you don’t, and I’ve decrease my activities, somehow, those feeling of unease have conquer my heart. Each time I went out, I need to watch out someone, because I really hate those feelings. Really meant it!

I don’t know if a person does not treasure his life. It is hard to survive in this cruel world, and is lucky to live each seconds that u have it now. Calling for suicide, hurting your body, does not help in solving problems. It just makes the problem larger and larger. If you think that you hurting yourself will help to forget the problem, the answer is no. Now, it’s involving me.
If you love someone, do you wish to make her happy? Or you are holding a word,” If I don’t get you, others will not get too!”… which one?

I am the one who create those mistakes. And maybe it’s time to solve it and give it a hint. I’m not dare to make a move. I’m just getting tired of avoiding and running ups and downs… just tired. The year of 2010, hey what surprise will you be giving to me, my dear god?