Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just another post :)

夢一場, but I like Jam Hsiao version more. No offence. :)

They said, don't ever look back, just move forward. How true is this word?
by looking backward I able to view back for what I've missed, 
and by looking forward I can able to re-do for what I've already missed.
by looking into the past, it reminds me not to repeat the same mistakes again..
and by looking forward I can able to re-correct for what I've done in past.
Talk is easy as shit, but do is as hard as moving a mountain.

My emotions can be easily affected. 
Last time when I was having lunch with my parents in one restaurant,
I saw an old man was sitting not far from us, he was eating alone.
It was not a matter to me.
But, when I saw the way he was eating, it touched my heart.
He was like having Parkinson, his hand was shaking while taking dishes on the table.
Suddenly, I saw the food drop on table while he was taking it. 
He picked up and quickly move it in to his mouth. I was thinking, where was his son? Daughter?
And I looked at my parents, and I silently keep a promise to myself that, no matter what happen to them, 
I will still choose not to leave them in any circumstances.

 I starts to appreciate, tho sometimes I feel like they treat me like a baby,
that's the way they show their caring... 
Love them! ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

It was just an empty cage. RIP.

How to start to story?

Did I ever told you that I love seeing cute bunny & inside myself I always hope to adopt one.
I know I don't have any experience on advocate any pet before. 
But under the support from him, and very sure can taking care of one under his guiding, 
I open my heart to adopt one. He bought it! 
Yes, he bought one cute little bunny-boy. Guess it is months old. Greyish in color.
Last Saturday, was the first time he entered into my room and my world.
It brighten my life. Everytime I will peep at him, to see what he is doing. Lol, he's sucha cute little boy!

Wonder what name should he be named?

Until yesterday evening, he looked weird. He kept excretes mucus that was wet and smelly; Diarrhea. 
At first I thought he was suffered from dirty water. YieNan then change the water he drank. 
It kept me worrying until night, he finally poo a hard one. 
Thinking he was okey, me and YieNan went out to buy burger. 
When came back, I saw that bunny kept hiding and when I went closer, he suddenly dropped his head!!

Our fav stun on him! Act die. Lol. Stun 1.

 It was a moment when YieNan took him out, hold him and kept saying.. "hey.. what's wrong with you??" 
I saw the bunny so weak.. it can't even held his own head, even hardly to stand still, just like a cotton. 
YieNan gave me signal that the bunny is going to die. 
Feel shocked and blanked, I hold my tears, not letting it to flow out. 

 The bunny struggles to survive, it seems like suffocate, losing its breath, but keep breathing. 
It hurts me the most to see it like that, finally, tears came out. 
It then showing the signal of tetanus or lockjaw. Why? Because it's showing the symptoms like muscular rigidity and breathing difficulties. We both feel so helpless, can't help but put it on a towel then place it inside the cage. We both laying on the bed, thinking to close our eyes, but it just so sad to think that it struggling alone. YieNan kept console me.

Stun 2.
Stun 3.

 It's just some time then suddenly, heard a sound from the cage. It was 1 something in the morning. We both woke up to see the bunny. YieNan keep pressing the bunny to prevent it from struggling because the bunny keep on turning his body, something like can't stand the pain. There was a sound coming from him. The sound of gasping for air.. 

Miss his stuns, ;(
 It was the first time and last time I heard from a bunny. Holding tears, we both knew he will leaves us soon, so we kept accompany it for the last time. 
Yes, the last moment before he died, his body cramped. 

He was trying to escape! So naughty! Lol.

Deciding to buried him the next day, we put it inside a box, place it in the cage. 
Woke up in the morning looking at the cage, there was no sign of him anymore, because I keep hoping that he will awake from his sweetest dream. 
Lol. Nothing inside, but an empty cage. Hope he will rest in peace, he will. 

The moment that I remembered most was the moment YieNan holding it and said his eyes was blinking. 
And I ask the bunny to blink again, and it seemed like listen to what I said as it blinked again. 
I asked YieNan that why that bunny didn't showed that he was suffering in the beginning, 
YieNan said, that bunny don't want to make me worry, he keep hold on until we came back from outside. Haven't think a name for him, he already leaved us. I miss you.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Gloomy vs Rainbow

This is my life. Currently busying for assignments and revision on midterms. 
Just left Business Ethics and Business Finance assignments only. 
Actually, Ethics assignments should be passed up by last week, but was rejected by Darren.
Then we need to redo it again. The next submit day is next Monday, 
but I got a feeling that it will be rejected too. Hopefully my instinct was not true. lol.
I read my blog, all seems gloomy, I guess, I will start to make it more  to rainbow.. I hope I can do it.

Cheers.. <3