Thursday, June 18, 2009

when i called this a MATTER!

I think i'm so selfish.Only think of myself.I never ,always never realise that other peoples still have theirs felling.Im so..

can;t continue for the next word

Sunday, June 14, 2009


"Each of my days was passed with a lie.."

coughing very badly right now,its been about 3 weeks im in Perak. Sad and happy at the same time.Happy because i knew so many friends and let me passes each wonderful day even some of them is irritating or confusing myself.Im ok with that,i am still happy.Sad because dad and mom are making me more suffering and i can't breath anymore.They don't seem to trust me anymore. I know im so far from them and they seemed to wana move me to Kl.I'm so unhappy, they should let me make my own way,they should trust me, they should know i will be responsible for my life..let me be indepenent,even if i had made one mistake they should not forever not to trust me.This is a sad issue!

I lied to them a lot.They make me wana lie to them,cause they will not trust me anymore if i said the truth.They will think im fooling around here.But im not.I just wana make my life happier than usual.I lied to them for a good reasons.I really don't know how to act..its so hard and tired.. gosh..

Sunday, June 7, 2009


im so sad.

im so unreactive,im useless,im so blue,im nothing at the end.
if you ask me why im so straight thinking,i would like to say,dats learning how to be indenpendent..i dont try to be dependent on other ppl..but somehow,im just still the same on others eyes.

someone turn on me.snab a knife on my back before discussing with now so damn mad.crazy mad.if tey or she dont like the way im doing can tell me before letting my parents know.this kindda like stupid lo.

i,dnno how to describe myself now.kindda down.i dont even have the feeling to study.y?y tis happend on me?i hate them,or her,the one hu boikoting me.

skip breakfast,lunch.dinner?ill kao tim myself..
even..i dont feel like wana have lunch or dinn with my fren from the same state..

you noe..tis feeling is kindda,like suiciding....maybe one day i cant stand,i will..
by the time..i think tey still think im the same..NTG WILL sorry