Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So many thought..

So many thought, yet so little words.

It's true that, When you do something right, no one remember, When you do something wrong, people will remember for the rest of their lives.

I love her, but the way she mentioned it, God please don't keep on remind me on that. I know my failure moments, but it's not that I want it, and I'm trying to move on and correct it. But whenever I'm moving forward, or in a comfort zone, something or someone will surely came up and remind me of that.

Is that a sign for me not to forget about my past? Or is that a reminder? But where is the encouragement words that I needed?

I'm not a puppet. I'm planning my work. I'm worrying about my future too. But I'm not giving up. So, guys please don't give up on me too. Okey?

I hate my past. But I'm not going back anymore. Not even once. I feel "sugggggs", disgusting, stupid, childish, and etc. I'm trying to let them go no matter what. Trying to forget those unhappy moments, but somehow.. can't seem to erase everything.


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